Tiger Woods 10 help
  • Quick question that I can't find an answer to anywhere. How many people can play offline. My wife and I like to play against each other. Is this possible with TW10?
  • You can have up to 4 players for offline. What you would need to do is, if wanting to use all custom players, load them into different slots in the Manage My Golfers so that each can select their player of choice. You can either pas the controller around as each turn comes up or assign a controller to each player. The different multiplayer offline modes are found in the Traditional games section of the menu.
  • i'am having the same problem. I made two custom players ,i have them both loaded in different slots and when i go to play in traditional games mode 'match play' I select 2 golfers. Controller 1 lets me select my custom player but when i join player 2 with my next controller it doesn't let me choose my second custom player. If i switch controller 2 to 1 it then let's me choose my two custom players but then only 1 controller playes both players.

    please help me where do i assign controllers to custom players.Cant find the option?

  • I need help with a similar issue. My boyfriend and I would like to play with a friend online. Is it possible to have two players from the same console play online against another player. If so please direct me on how to do this. When I set up a match and put in three players it does not give me an option to load the second golfer...any thoughts? Thanks
  • Only one person can play online at a time, Dularijl. The PS3 doesn't allow more than one PSN ID to be signed in at once on a console.
  • The xbox 360 has passwords to get ALL courses is there a password on the PS3 to open ALL the courses. I Love the Game it has to be the Best ever Tiger ever
  • No, there isn't a code for it on the PS3 (at least none that have been found/ leaked as of yet).