Batman Lego(PS3) -- Stuck at 99.4% and can't unlock R'as. Any help?
  • All subworlds are 50/50 for mini-kits, 5/5 for supervillain/hero status, and 5/5 for power cubes. All hostages are happy faced, Wayne Manor has been beaten (all studs earned and a time kept) and Hush has been unlocked, but I still can't get the R'as character and the last 11 data points to unlock and/or access the Arkham Bonus Level I keep reading about. (I have no idea where it is to even look, if it's separate like Wayne Manor is.) Completely stumped as to what I'm missing for the last 6/10ths and could really use some help.

  • I'm an idiot -- apparently walking right by a door in Arkham for weeks w/o noticing really IS possible, the one leading to the bonus level, which accounts for the final .6 percent needed to max out the progress and unlock R'as and the final data points. With observation skills like that I should walk a beat. Sorry for wasting anyone's time -- if anyone's as blind as me, it may do some good in the future.