Re: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
  • Hi, i'm new here, and I don't now were to post a question I have for Midnight Club LA. It's about the following:

    I can't find any custom or cruise match online. I've tried to join both online game modes several times and I always get the following message: 'There are currently no games available'. I now have Nat-Type 2. A friend of me has Nat-Type 3 and he can join and find custom or cruise matches. Do you guys know how i can solve this?

    Sorry for posting this message on the wrong topic
  • If you haven't yet you may want to doublecheck and make sure you have all of the ports open that need to be for that game. Besides the ones I list in the pinned thread at the top there may be some others that Rockstar uses specifically for that game- if there are they should be listed in the manual.