ps2 won't play dvd
  • my ps2 will not play dvd's or ps2 games that come on a dvd rom disc
    however it will play cd rom ps2 games, psx games and cd's so it basically can't read dvd
    i was wondering what could be wrong with it and how hard would it be or how much would it run me up too fix it.
    the warranty is up so i'll be fronting the cost out of my own pocket but cost really isn't an issue
    btw i believe it might have something to do with when i left the ps2 running all night
  • You would be better off just buying a new system. The problem is in the laser of the PS2's disc drive.
  • sorry if i sound like an ass but that isn't an option that ps2 along with a psx game is the last thing my mother bought me before she passed and my aunt (her sister) sold that game for drug money it was my favorite game but hey any way yeah sorry that just isn't an option do i need a particular laser or all the old ps2 lasers the same
  • There would have been some slight differences made to the disc drives as they upgraded the models. Thing is, Sony doesn't sell the parts out to people to do their own repairs. If you did happen to send in to them for repairs (which would be in the range of $60-80) the odds are good they would send out a refurbished unit and not the same system back. As for my recommendation on buying a new system, that doesn't mean you can't still hang on to the old one for the reasons you mention. All of your accessories from the original would still work with it as well.
  • yeah i guess you're right sorry about that i have a tendency too get argumentative about stupid crap without even thinking