• when i go manually to the psn and sign in there is no problem. when i go under network settings and try to run the connection test when it gets to the psn network i get a failed message.

    Is this why i cannot play some games online? For instance, Kill Zone 2 works, but Resident Evil 5 doesnt. It says cannot connect online.

    I disables my firewall. Another issue is the ports that some games use. how do i know what ports each game uses?
  • Besides the ones that are used by all games on the PS3 (listed in the Tips thread pinned to the top of this section) some games do use specific ports- the ones that do usually have them listed in the game manual's online section.

    Go into your router's settings and open the ones listed in that thread i mention then have a look in the book- if you don't see any extra ports listed then just using the ones outlined in the thread will do the job.
  • Thanks. How about when i do the internet connection test the Play Station Network connection, fails?
  • You may want to doublecheck some of the other settings you are using. If going automatic you might want to enter in stuff like the router's IP address, the subnet mask and any DNS servers you see listed in there.