what shall i do ?????? always cd mode
  • whenever i open my ps even if there's a game cd in it, there's the''audio cd or moemory card'' thing and i cannot get it to play the games
    i don't even know how turned into the cd mode
    please help me
  • Heba, if it is not reading the disc then the laser is at fault. It won't get past the "memory card/ audio cd" screen because it cannot read anything. You may want to look into getting a replacement system or possibly upgrade to the PS2- it plays all the PSOne games along with its own library of titles.
  • well actually i figured that it plays only TWO games alladin and pink panther but till now nothing else
    i reaally don't understand what's going on but i don't think something's wrong with the lens
  • It's possible it may be the games themselves that are at fault. If they are too scratched up the system would not be able to read them. To make sure of this you may want to try the discs that don't work in another system (maybe a friend with a PS2 or PS3).