Red Faction 2 Again
  • I figgered out how to get past the mausoleum and I practically waltzed through everything else up until THE BIG BOSS and you know who I mean. Molov in a frikkin battlesuit too which makes him darned near invincible. I tried my usual anti-battlesuit techniques, i.e. just run around dodging the sh!t he throws at you whilst hitting him with the grenade and rocket launcher but I KEEP GETTING HAMMERED and its driving me insane. Can anyone tell me how to kill this skegging b@$t@rd. I mean I cant even get him down to 50% before being killed (my personal best is 25% or thereabouts) so I have come to you guys as a last resort for surely SOMEONE has killed the beggar and can tell me how to achieve that same miracle of miracles. Oh and I knew he was going to be hard cause hes the last boss and all but I didnt expect him to be THAT hard.
  • Fear not matey
  • Thanks Gid. I know you're a reliable kinda guy so I'll definately try your method for beating Molov and I sure hope it works. This doesw not mean that I think some of the other members of the mod squad are slightly unreliable thanks to certain mental handicaps (ahem Mad, ahem looney bin) :lol: so see ya around and if it doesnt work prepare to feel my wrath :D