I am starting to HATE sony
  • I just got my ps3 back after I sent it in because of the laser not reading any disc. So after a couple of weeks I got my replacement ps3. :D Wonderful and I just got infamous. Played it for a length of time and went to explain something (I left my ps3 on that is important) and when I can back my ps3 was off. So I think something happened with the power strip I have it on. I unplugged it and turned it back on. Here are the colors the ps3 light went through. Green, Yellow, Blinking red, red. What the &#%@? ! I looked it up and YLod. Yellow Light of Death. I thought stuff like this only happened on the xbox with the red ring of death. I am starting to hate sony.
  • Nope, I had the YLOD a couple months back :(. And was OUT of warranty! It's really just a nickname for a hardware failure that every line of consoles will get. Though never like the scale of the Red Ring of Death on the 360 ;).

    Have you tried to turn the console on since...? It shouldn't go 'Green, Yellow, Blinking Red, Red'. It Normally goes 'Green, Blinking Red, Yellow'...?

    And you shouldn't hate Sony for it. It happens with every line of consoles, at least you can just get another PS3 back from Sony for free ;).
  • Yeah I know with that day I was really mad and I have cooled down since. But that was the it happened and now all it does is red of standby and then when I turn it on it just goes green for a second then off. Is there a circuit breaker in it?
  • I tried to look this up but couldn't find anything. I'm not totally sure but i would say it wouldn't have one, Red.
  • hmm ok now it is doing the Green, Yellow, Blinking red,red. Bad thing is my Infamous game is still in it. :(
  • Yeah, you have the 'Yellow Light of Death', Red. Just arrange for Sony to pick it up and repair/ replace and they will also send you your inFamous disk back within a few weeks aswell. Just make sure you mention that the disk is still in there to the Sony Rep you speak to on the phone ;).
  • Ok still just got it back and *sigh* this.