• I need help. My GT3 disk has been scratched. It wont play, I tried these different methods that usually work, but have not worked for my game.
    The CD cleaning methods I have tried were...
    1. Alcohol
    4.Game Doctor
    I have tried these but none worked. Can someone please give me more ways to restore scratched CD's. And tell me how to do it.
    Please Respond :(
  • One question... if you run your fingernail over the scratch does it catch? If it does then I would say that the scratch is too deep to be repaired.

    I have heard of people using toothpaste to restore a scratched disc. I bought an Allsop Scratch Repair System at a local hardware store and it worked really well. It claims to repair 100 discs, at about 15-20 bucks you really can't go wrong.

    But like I said if your fingernail will catch in the scratch than you may be S.O.L., sorry. :(