equipment modifiers in tw 09 for ps2
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    hi..need help...i have tiger woods 09 for the proshop, you can select/purchase clubs and several have icons that resemble-- a red cross, a golfball on a tee, two arrows going in circle, a divot or horseshoe?, a large arrow that points straight up, and a large arrow that creates an arc to the right. please let me know what they mean and if these affect the clubs performance automatically or do i have to initiate these attributes. I am assuming that the +1, +2, +3, and +4 are LEVELS and the +4 is better than +1.

    Also, i noticed from other blogs of tw 08 and 07 and 06, that certain clothes and jewelry add to your performance level. Is thia also true for tw 09.

    Thankyou all for any help and information you can the game..julius