• Evening.
    Just got given a PSone that had Toy Story with it - now I'm hooked. Has anyone recently played this that can help me with three problems in the Alleys section:

    1. There's two boxes by a garbage can but I can't climb up them to get a coin. Is there a secret there? Also how do you get into the the big rubbish bin that has the 'stomp' signal above it?

    2. I've got the coins on the umbrella closest to the fan but how the hell do I get onto the second one? And finally

    3. What's the secret in getting the five bones for Slinky in under 30 seconds? It's ###### impossible!!

    Much obliged for any help.
  • And i thought i was the only one who played it.
  • Well I'm a Toy story fanatic :D

    Pls. Pm me the stages where you have trouble and I'll try to figure it out.....