• Hi;)

    I'm member EmiQ22 and I really need help with my SIM2(for PS2)
    game. There is there character named Red S. and in the SIM2
    I have to do task and I have to help Red S. resurect his
    idol and I don't know how? or who his idol is and I'm reaaly
    fustraited with it & I hope you guys can help me I would really
    appriciate it!:D

    thank you!
  • You need to complete all of his Gold wants to resurrect Helga. Those wants are:

    * Take out Trash *

    This house is very messy so just clean up an area and go to the rubbish bin
    outside and Throw out.

    * Buy a metal detector and find buried treasure*

    Buy the metal detector in the Buy catalog.

    Find treasure. You'll find the first treasure near the tombstones. Another treasure is found near the one of the buildings. The detector will start with blue to light blue and finally white in color. If you are near the location of the treasure, you will be able to hear a sound. If you have found the treasure, your controller will vibrate. Just 'DIG'. Just be patient and you will find the treasure.

    * Find Simleons *

    Buy a couch and search the couch. Most of the time you will find $$.

    * Wear a costume *

    Somewhere in the area is a wardrobe box. Go there and change
    into a costume. Changing into your working costume may not work. Try the
    yeti costume for example.

    * Serve meal to Red S. *

    Cook something and serve it to Red S. If he is not anywhere near you,
    run over to him and select 'Give food to' option.

    * Reach level 7 in any career *

    Just get promoted to level 7 in any career.