Jak And Daxter Help
  • how do you get in the gate at snowy montain
  • You should have spotted a rope bridge near one of the glacier troopers- head there. Cross the bridge and you will find the Flut-Flut bird. Hop on and step onto the adjacent switch to raise some platforms to cross the chasm ahead. The platforms will only remain airborne for a certain amount of time, so it's important to move quickly.

    The first set of platforms is fairly easy -- you only have to use X to glide to make the very last jump. The next two sets of platforms won't be so easy. Hit the next switch to raise more platforms -- they're spaced out more this time around, and some are actually moving. Be sure to jump from the very edge of each platform, use X to glide, and guide the Flut-Flut's path in midair to nsure that you land safely on each platform. The last set of platforms are all little circular ones that move from side-to-side. Carefully time your jumps so that you don't fall into the darkness below.

    At the very end, you'll find a Power Cell and a switch. The switch will open the gate to the Lurker Fort. There's a shuttle platform waiting to take you directly to the fort's entrance.