Sayings And There Meanings
  • Let me start by the most famous swear word there is (I wont type it out but you guys know what it is). The origin of the word F*@K:
    It started back in the middle ages when a couple first got married. They would have to get written permission by the King to do the "horizontal polka" and put it on there bedroom door so nobody would bother them. The "permission slip", if you will, was normally in the form of a sign which read: Fornication Under Conscent (sp?) of the King a.k.a. our big time swear word F*@K. Neat eh! ;)
  • Neat but untrue. Check this out!

    Good thread though, I might be able to raise some questions, but will there be anyone to answer them :blink: !?
  • Oddly i thought it came from
    "Forced (something or other) Carnel Knowlege.

  • I think i know what ur talking about, Blaqasphalt. in the old days they would put signs on prison doors saying what crime the criminal commited. and for rape the sign was something like forced...something carnel knowledge. at least thats what i heard as the origin of the word...
  • HERE is some reading for yall.
  • I see so the origin hasn't really been decided. Well that is what I've heard and I thought I'd share it with the APi.

    Does anybody know the orign of "Watch your P's and Q's"? I heard it came from a bar somewhere in England. But I can't remember the story. :D
  • P and q look the same (almost). The origin comes from the typesetters who often were fooled since the letter are backwards when you set the print.
    A p would look like a normal q and vice versa.
  • I double post cus I got a question ALLRIGHT!

    Were does the expressions yellow and chicken come from?

    I would guess that the first has to do with chineese to do but I never saw cowardly poltry.

  • Manne, I am happy to announce that I get to correct you!! :P

    "Watch your P's and Q's" does come 'from some bar in England' so to speak. Please forgive my crude explanation, but it goes something like this:

    In many places in Europe, beer or ale, is served in Pints and Quarts. If someone was drinking too much and getting out of line, the man behind the counter would tell the person to 'mind his Pints and Quarts' which was later shortened to P's and Q's. Meaning, "Stop being such a belligerent drunken butthead Gid!!" :lol: I believe it goes something like that.

    As for the terms 'yellow' and 'chicken', I'll have to get back to you on those!