Abreviations and Acronyms
  • Hey and welcome to the new topic where you give an abreviation and everyone has to find there meanings, also you must answer both that are chosen down.

    Here's the first


    RAAF :P
  • HyperText Markup Language
    Royal Australian Air Force


  • Yep, both spot on

    The floor is yours

  • United States of Americas Corn Exam

    that other is roman for 1982.
  • whilst possibly correct, they are not the droids i was looking for.

    And there in is the inherant flaw.
    Anything can be the meaning of abv's.

    HTML could also stand for Hot Toffee Mocha Latte.
    A drink i for one love and refere to as a html.

    pop any abv in to a search engine and it will come back with a lot of answers.

  • Just curious about this:

    USACE - US Army Corps of Engineering

    I don't know the other so i take no credit for answering this but am just curious about this.
  • THAT one is correct.
    Even though im not on that side of the Pond.

    The 2nd one is a very english thing though...

  • Technically this thread is about acronyms and not abbreviations right? Well, i think i'm going to change the name to show that. This'll be for abbreviations(ie. Apr.) and for Acronyms(ie. SMITH - Super Midgets In The House). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Always thought they were much the same thing.
    Oh, wait, APR, thats april right? not Average Per Rota?

    So thats why i failed miserably in english at school all those years ago!!

  • Well Nick I guess your second one is something to to do with the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) but as to the NNB part ....
    National Network of Beerdrinkers???
    North Norfolk Branch?
    Nick & Nikki's Beersessions??


    So ok, if this is an anacronistic thread - even if I didn't get the first part of Blaq's Abr. can I still post ? I got half of it right which is closer than anyone else got!


    Should keep you going for a while!
    :D :D :D
  • well, it's a toss up between Lola n the Mad one.

    either one of you.
    Mad got there first.
    But Ladies before ...
    Oh, wait, lolas not a lady.

    Woman yes.....

  • Jeep comes from G P wich stands for General purpose.
    Spam - No idea.
  • SPiced hAM by hornell.

    Meat inna tin.
    Can't beat it.

    There was also the "nerdy" abv that came from various old style net groups, but i dotn recall that version of the word.
  • 'Jeep' does come from slurring the letters GP. In WWII the Ford built jeeps were built in two versions.

    1) the Ford prototype design called GP. (very rare only 3200 built, about 350 survive around the world). It (the GP) lost the army's contest to Willys (MA, version 'A').

    2) The army asked Ford to build copies of the improved jeep Willys (MB, version 'B') had designed. Using Willys blueprints. This copy was called the GPW. (350,000 or so built).

    GP Never stood for 'General Purpose' but rather is a bit of mis-info that wanders around the net. It is Ford Factory Terminology. All vehicles Ford built for the government started with a 'G' for Government. Following was a letter which stood for the wheelbase. GA, GB, GC, GD, GE, etc, getting longer each time.

    When they got to 80 inches (jeep size) they were at 'P'. When they were forced/asked to build jeeps using Willys design - they added a 'W' to it. I wish Webster & all the dictionaries & encyclopedias, and 4x4 mags would stop the mis-information. They keep qouteing each other as sources, and the first guy was WRONG. The army never even called it a jeep, officially it was 'Truck, 1/4 ton'.


    SPAM - Also known Shoulder Pork hAM

    It's net meaning has been widely discussed and no one can really figure out exactly where it came from though a general understanding is that a Monty Python skit that had a group of people singing a "spam" song until annoying people and being told to stop gave the word spam a new meaning of "anything annoying" which in a way describes PC spam.


    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • *ahem*

  • Well the Madster is correct with his explanation of Jeep but none of you quite got the SPAM one, though you came close!
    It actually stands for Special Pressed American Meat....despite what thpse websites etc. claim!
    Spam.com indeed!
    I personally think it is revolting stuff - I still have nightmares over Spam fritters for school dinner!

    I guess the clean and shiny floor is now your Li'l Bro!
    :D :P :D
  • You call this clean after you throw spam out here? heh, heh....right. Ok, i'll have to say:


    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey I'm back after a 5 month absence
    and as no one is replying to this post I will post a new acronym and send this thread back into the main section.

    Well here are an easy one and a hard one.


    I wanna see if Susan B can't get this one, cos you always used to get my riddles :doh:
    But get that tho :lol:
    PS its great to be back :clap:
  • dvd=digital versatile disc
    eeprom=electronically erasable programme read only memory

  • Heh heh heh......

    DVD: Digital Versatile Disc.

    Eeprom: Electronically Erasable Programable Read Only Memory.

    :clap: I still got it!!!! teeeheee!!

    Nice to see ya back again Barbed! :D
  • I still got it!!!! teeeheee!![/b]

    From what I can see, chelseafc got it first, so from my knowledge of being here he/she gets the next go.

    so Susan B your yet to prove yourself SO :swear: lol
    You probably did know that one but chelsea got it first.

    Maybe next time!!
  • thanks barbed
    heres mine