second hand 60Gb ps3 need cleaning
  • HEllo guys first time posting in forums in this website! as you can tell from my name i hate xbox :( i had 4 in the last year or so, anywayz lets get down to my question

    i recently bought a second hand 60gb ps3:cool: and it has got fingerprints and scratches:redface: is there anything i could buy like some sort of cleaning things ( i live in The uk, England) to make the ps3 appearance look better like more shiny and less fingerprints???? also what sort of cleaning cloth would i need if you read this from the UK can you give me any product suggestions from tesco's thank you for your time reading this thread;)
  • A chamois- type of cloth would be best for taking care of the fingerprints. The scratches, however, you may have to learn to live with.

    BTW, we tend to avoid the fanboy-ish stuff- we may be a PlayStation site but quite a few have other consoles besides. ;)
  • I suggest cleaning it throughly with something... only so you can give your Ps3 some attitude! They're called Ps3 Skins. Get one that fits your style and stuff.

    Here's an example: