please help with my ps3 internet connection
  • I have a router from a cable company and i just connected the ethernet cable in the ps3, but it says it can't find n ip adress,so i input manually and it still says that time runs out when it is trying to retrieve the adress, what can i do, or WHAT am i doing wrong?
  • Are you sure you don't mean a modem instead of router there? Not many companies provide a router as part of their service.

    If it is indeed the modem and not a router try unplugging the power from it for a few seconds them plug it in again while connected to the PS3- this should "free up" the IP address.
  • sorry, yes modem, i unplugged it, and still nothing, i keep getting timed out, and i tried using other user to try to connect, but it does the same thing, which is time me out and nothing.
  • I would say leave the IP address as automatic but try to fill in the bits for the DNS addresses (that info can be had from your ISP). Otherwise, you may want to consider getting yourself a router to share the connection.