• Ok Help!!
    I played Wolverine on PS3 with my neighbor the other night. He was already on level 9, so I just jumped in there. Now, we bought the game for PS2, and I am stuck right at the beginning.
    You jump a land form, then kill several men with axes, then you have to run and jump across 2 bridges, then from the bridge back to land. WE CAN'T MAKE IT BACK TO LAND!! Please HELP!! Is there a tip or trick that we're missing? Sounds so dumb that I'm stuck in the first few minutes of the game!
  • I think what you are missing is the Lunge technique. Hold down the R1 and you should lock onto an enemy that is in range then hit the L1 button.
  • lyndon is right, i rented this game once, you have to use the lunge to get across large spaces, it was hard for me too.
  • hi Guys

    i am stuck at chapter 3 days of future Beginning at Betrayal check point in Africa, at start i had already killed everyone at very first stage where i am fighting with African Blue mutants and Tribal people but cant fine the way to move ahead

    Any help would be appreciated
  • Two words - "feral sense". Use this when needed to find the way to go.
  • i had used that but i cant try to find out how to open gate ...

    feral sense tells me where to go but how to cross the gate in tht round, found my myself totally clueless .. i can open the gate but cant cross it ?
  • Use the blocks that raise when the block that Wolverine rode down on to gain access to the upper region of the area. There is a Classic Wolverine Figurine located here. Kick the statue off the ledge and follow it to the ground. Notice how one of the gates only has a single flame burning on the right hand side and nothing on the left. Also, take note of the flame on top of the statue Wolverine just kicked to the ground. Move the statue to the unlit basket then place it over the floor button in front of the gate. Cross the bridge.

    Avoid the spiked floor then quick kill the two Shifters. Pick up the dog tags and continue to avoid the spikes in the next hall. Move down the stairs and take out the flaming Machete enemy. A Hunger guards the necessary crank. Before returning up the stairs destroy the boards in front of one of the statues and get the Mutagan hidden in the back corner under the stairs. Pick up the crank and fight of some Machete. The enemies will spawn endlessly so clear enough space to get the crank upstairs and place it. Turn the crank and jump across the platforms, finally lunging to the enemy. Pick up the tags and go upstairs. Get the Health upgrade around the corner and continue down the path to trigger the next cinematic.