can sony compete....
  • I mean the number of players on xbox live are twice as much as psn plus with the new software xbox has like they have a moniter that you take a picture of yourself and presto your in the game. Also have you seen how much the PS3 and psp cost ,WOW, compared to the xbox360, well i know the ps3 is newer but that doesn't mean it is better not by a longshot.:mad:
  • So are you saying the 360's better correct? Personally I couldn't care less. I have a Ps3 60GB (recently upgraded the HDD to 250gigs) and I use the online quite regularly with no hick ups.

    But what I like about my bitch (I named my Ps3 that :p) is that it's Blu-Ray compatible. Now I'm not going to get into a "who has the longest weener debate" because quite frankly it's just a matter of personal preference. I enjoy video games from all consoles and to limit yourself to one by saying it's the best is just rather short-sighted. And alittle naive.
  • The PS3 is doing nicely for itself, actually. Factor in free online play along with the built in Blu-Ray, built in wi fi and its own impressive line up of exclusives and the price comes pretty close overall.

    I also agree with Messenger's mode of thought here, let's try to keep this from becoming a fanboy battle. We may be a PlayStation forum but a number of us have both consoles.
  • Does anyone else smell a XBox "Fanboy" here?

    If you do not like SONYor what it has to offer, that is fine and certainly your prerogative. However, don't come here just to complain or make comparisons. This is a console specific site (SONY) for the most part, and you are not going to get any sympathy here if you are comparing the two systems.

    Honest, open, intelligent debate(s) about the competing systems is fine; but "Fanboy" type responses will get you nowhere, regardless of the console(s) you do or do not like or enjoy.