Keeping your friends close
  • Warning: This post contains spoilers... if you have not finished "Keep your friends close..." then do not continue reading. Click the back button now. You have been warned.

    I have no problem getting Lance on the rooftop. The problem is getting Sonny by the front door. I have tried running to the top of the stairs and blasting away at him. But I am the one who gets blasted.

    One idea I did come up with is to stand behind the desk and throwing grenades but I gave it a second thought when one got stuck under the desk and I couldn't get away in time.

    Any ideas, please? :)
  • Hey Rex,

    The way I did it was when you had the cut seen with Sonny don't go into your office, turn around and run into the stairwell again and go down to the bottom level. It is handy to have the mini-gun. Move through the corridor until you can just see Sonny. Then let fly with the minigun as it just disintegrates him in seconds.

    It'll then go the cut seen and its all over. At least that's how I did it after a few attempts. :D

    Good Luck
  • I just ran up on the roof and grabbed the helicopter and turned my propellers downwards and chopped Lance up! :D
  • I had no problem what so ever with Sonny.
    I did a full charge attack on him, blazing guns and jumping down the stairs. Then I stood behind the pillar closest to him and popped him with the handgun.