vidzone router trouble
  • hi all :D first post here (many many many more to come :D so be nice)

    having some trouble connecting to vidzone thru my router, I can connect to vidzone with no problem if i plug my ps3 direct into my modem but not if i connect modem-router-ps3. i can play games online and log into the playstation fine thru my router just not vidzone:(
    had a search on google and it looks like i need to open some ports on my router but i have no idea what im doing :huh: im using a netgear router connecting with a wire.

    is there a way i can open all my ports on my router???

    please help! :-)
  • Welcome about, chicken nugget! B)

    You may want to doublecheck the ports you are having open in your router. We have the ports that Sony uses listed in the "Some Tips" thread at the very top of this section, it's possible you may have missed a key one. Of course, one quicker option would be to put the PS3's IP address into the router's DMZ, which will bypass the need of port opening altogether.
  • thanks for the reply lyndon.
    still completely stuck though. Had a look at the "some tips" thread (very helpfull and port forward is a great site) and opened the ports that sony use but still having problems connecting to vidzone. always gets stuck at the "downloading video feed" section.
    because vidzone is a application running on the ps3 would vidzone it self require different ports to be opened?? I also tried putting the ps3 ip address in the dmz but still had no luck. grrrrrrrrr