dns 80710102 ps3 internet connection error
  • I purchased a used ps3 in January and have fallen in love with fallout 3 and ghouls and supermutants. Have never had a problem until now.

    just last wednesday I had dsl installed through a Motorola modem/router from Qwest. AOL is my isp.

    When I kept getting the title error while trying to connect, I went on an internet search starting Wednesday evening and stretching to this Sunday evening.

    I have discovered this is a very common problem, but for every query there is a different answer. I have tried most of them to no avail: rebooting modem; using free dns addresses, substituting ethernet for wireless. I read your instructions regarding logging into my new router, but i'm really afraid to mess with the settings.

    Just a moment ago I discovered the browser was turned off and I couldn't turn it back on because i don't know the previous owner's password. Could this, perhaps be the problem? If so, is there anyway of resetting the password.

    thank you soo much for this site.

    "the answer is out there"
  • Scully, what exactly do you mean "the browser is turned off"? The internet browser on the PS3 cannot, to my knowledge, be turned off. The previous owner's settings on the PS3 should not make any difference if you are playing on your own master ID.
  • If you go to security settings, there is a "internet browser start control"

    this is in the off position and when i try to turn it on, it wants a password.

    i don't know what a master ID is.....scully hangs head in shame

    thank you for the swift response. hope this helps to clarify matters.

    i so want to get online
  • ps...i think this might be a function of the parental control settings
  • There are two types of PSN ID- a "master", or main ID (most people sign in as this) and a sub-account (a name that is tied to the main PSN ID, handy for parents that have kids and they want to restrict some things like you seem to be running into). If you have been using the previous owner's ID, delete it and set your own up- the settings are tied to each user so when you make a PSN ID the browser will be allowed by default.

    To be honest, Scully, you don't need the PS3's browser- you should be able to access the router through your computer (this is preferred, to be honest).