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  • Well, as you can see, upgrades all over the place. But do you have ideas on what you think would make the forums better? If so then this is the place to post them. We will sift through all the ideas and give feedback on them. If we do decide to use your ideas, it may take abit for them to take effect as upgrades will only be once a month or so.


    1. NO suggestions on adding forums(ie. sports, music, etc.)
    2. NO asking to become a Mod or Admin because it won't happen.
    3. Follow forum rules(ie. no links to show what you're talking about)
    4. Have fun, these are your forums and we want them to look the way you think they should.
    5. Don't give feedback on others ideas inside of this area(PM or email one of us if you have something to add to someone else's thoughts)

    Remember that these forums reflect who we are as a group so keep that in mind when making suggestions. Any questions regarding this should either be PMed to myself or emailed to [email][/email]. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • A karma system.It would be sort of an add-on to the rating.

    Every member with a certain post count (lets say 100)
    would get the ability to smite or appraise people.
    Whenever someone smites you youre karma goes down by one and applauding is the opposite.

    So whaddya say.


    madhtr - A Karma based system would be nice. It would be another fun toy to play around with while in the forums. I'd have to say this is a good idea we'll see what Jim has to say.
  • I think if you stayed here for over a year you should get a special ability of some kind. I just pointed aut on different threads 2 people who would have their 1 year "party" one was RedKennypup2004. Thanks for your time.
  • Unfortunately Tony, your suggestion is a little complex once you start to consider various issues.

    If somebody registers here, posts once and comes back a year later, they should get an extra ability?

    How is it to be measured? Post count during the year, number of new threads started, or perhaps we should run a poll??????????

    We already have an extra ability for regular members. After 1000 posts you gain the ability to edit your member title.

    There is no real rank amongst members here, there
  • I have a couple ideas i hope u like them;)

    One would be bring back the chat room. (god i loved that place :P )

    Another would be fixing those games and having tournaments with other APi members. Then posting high scores at the forums.

    Then maybe putting on other skins for memebrs to choose how to view there favorite forum.

    My last idea is to maybe have a member of the month system.

    Thanx for listening :D
  • 1. I agree, it would be great to have the chat back, but it depends whether Jim has the time, or if he can get it working again.

    2. That was an idea of mine a long time ago that didn't really kick off, i still have an explanation of rules and how to play saved somewhere if we did try to start that idea again.

    3. Takes time, in fact it takes Jim's time, and for the moment i think he has more important to do around the forums and the mainsite. (anyway, i like this look now ;))

    4. Again we used to have a MOM (member of the month) award a long time ago, although now i can only seeing it causing problems. e.g. I deserved to win more than him etc... (if anyone remembers Hazman!)

    All great idea's DL, i guess we'll just have to hear from Jim as to whether any of them can be done :)
  • I was thinking that if you could ummmmmm..... :unsure: allow at least 3-5 replies in PSone,2 questions. Give it an expiry date, maybe 1 week or two from first reply then you can move it to the PSone,2 Answers :D

    The reason I asked this is because there is a big possibility that the information given is incomplete, maybe completely wrong after all.

    Life-post example B) :

    Member 1
    \\\\\\\\\\ Can anyone tell me whats the password in
    ////////// Chrono Cross? The guard asked me and
    --------- I don't know what to say!!

    Member 2
    ///////// The Password is silence

    Now this is where the problem is, the topic has been already moved, and officially got in The PSone answers while the answer is still in abstract [/b]

    Member 3 (Hopefully me)
    \\\\\\\\\\ There is no option stating silence
    ////////// just simply don't choose any of the choices
    ---------- then the guard will say that you said it right because its silence!

    whew! story is well said and done!
  • I just thought that what if we deleteed acounts that were not used for 1 year
  • The problem with that is that some members only view the Forum and never post.

    This was actually done not too long ago, the previous Forum upgrade.
  • I think the staff should write some more reviews. I don't really like reading some people's reviews. Some could be as: "Man the gameplay was all like U wanta kill me? I was like no way man I kill U!" or "I really liked the game, but after awhile my fingers hurt so this game is really bad." Now this might not be real replies, well the finger's hurt was a different version of the DMC2 one, but it what some of them could be like.

    Also when I went to look for Dark Cloud 2, I was kicked back to the mainframe, and reading the DC2 threads I really want to see some staff reviews or those who used grammar and explained what made it great.

  • The reviews are done as fast as possible Mengsk-besides,you don't want a half-done job on the review do you? ;) This thread is meant for forum suggestions,btw,not main site.
  • Sorry bout that Lyndon, but at times it really bugs me and I'm too lazy to go to a different site. Plus I go through some of those bad reviews at school with friends only it's worst.

    As for some suggestion for the Forums. Could we have some of our art work posted. Sure mine isn't very...good and I still need a scanner, but I think it would be great to see through the minds of some APiers...well for some... If we do have it, could we have an artists of the month?

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!
  • Sure, artwork can be posted(Only your work and not work done by others with you taking credit - Sorry Mengsk but someone would end up doing just that.....well, probably will still) but that's upto you all and not so much us. Just get the artwork together and then let us know and we'll open and pin a thread just for art.

    Oh, and if you've already played DC2 then do you really need a review for it? Basically it's a very good game and would give it about an 89 with a bit taken off for the getting used to stuff(which isn't all that big) and the awkwardness of some of the new features but the gameplay, graphics, sound, and sstory easily makeup for all that. I think the water is an innovative feature and sure the time limit could be lived without, it's not all that bothersome though it shortens the game a bit.

    Oh, and in the future if you have any questions about a game that you are thinking of buying then let me know and i'll tell you all about it and based on the type of games you like i can tell you if you should purchase the title or not. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. Oh, and only if a title is underlined will there actually be anything on that game that you click on. So, Tenchu 3 will have some info and screens while Dark Cloud 2 has nothing on it right now. If you roll your mouse pointer over each title then you can see what i entered for each title when i created the release dates.
  • I have a pretty good idea. How about that we can change our avatars 1 week per month? I know that it may not happen but allot of members would probably like it.
  • It's a good idea but i think we'll stick with how we have it right now where right before the awards you get about a week to add a new av if you so please. One variation that i could see though is possibly giving new members an oppurtunity to add an av of their own...but i'll ask the boss about that one when i have a chance. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Could we have a pinned post with links to good converters on weight length and temperature (as the yanks seem reluctant to adopt the international standards. ;) )

    It would be good if included such things as "stones" for weight as well.

    Now fully implemented and Pinned in the General Forum area.
  • We should have GeneStarwind become a Mod.. :D

    Honestly though, I think we should have more contests and not wait for just Avatar Awards and Joke Contest. We could have a poll suggesting some contests so that the people decide. Instead of actual prizes we could award GIF or JPG award statues to the people in their signature box or avatar box. Seems fun and would perk up the place a bit. Yes it is work but its just making a pic and uploading...doesnt seem that bad.
  • I think that's a good idea Gene, but wouldn't the signature count the URL as having "more than 100 characters"?
  • Yes, in theory, a very good idea but Jim is the one who'd have to do the brunt of the work and with all his current projects outside of the site, it wouldn't be able to take off.

    Hopefully within the next year more free time will become available and maybe then this could be implemented but at this time that wouldn't really work.

    Oh, and Manne, very good idea and i'll work on that one tomorrow. I would have done that sooner but have been busy at work...

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming and keep up the great suggestions! Remember that these are your forums!!

    Addendum - Red(no pun intended...), custom sigs added by an admin can be whatever size they want it to be, even if it exceeds what the forum sees as limitations. These "limitations" are set by the admin so the software is intuitive enough to know that if an admin wants to break their own limits then they can bend them.

    And Gene, you know better than plugging mod noms in the suggestion area.....Besides, you know we don't let spammers become mods. Heh, heh....J/K
  • It seems as poeple crave more competitions.
    I was thinking that maybe a good one would be a poetry slam sort of event.
    The poetry thread went pretty well as I remember it and any one can throw together a few words that rhymes.
    Prehaps there could be some sort of genre subdivisions such as, Haiku, Humerous/Limericks, Regular Poems... to make people less experienced in writing take part and have a shot at first place.

    I don't know, just an idea I had.
  • A couple of suggestions and they are all interlinked:

    First in addition of a Next Oldest / Next Newest can we add a Next Thread (or Message) and Previous Thread links? This is so browsing in the game help/answers area you can jump to the next open thread and see the next topic.

    Maybe I'm reading the forums wrong but I find I have to use my back key all the time to jump back to the main list of new messages or list of games just to jump to the next message. Especially when I come in through the main page and it just opens a java window that does not have my standard IE toolbar that has my back / forward options.

    Also in the same area, I don't know if this is possible but how about adding an alphabet type hyperlink to the bottom of the Game Help section (Both questions and answers)next to the page X of X. Currently you can only leap 2-3 pages at a time.

    I'm a new PS player who is buying older games in addition to the new ones. So games like FF7 are new to me and finding help for it takes jumping to from Pages 3, 5, 7 then finding out oops.. there is more stuff on page 6.

    Finally if the above is not possible, how about at least about adding all the pages on the bottom so if the game starts with a letter in the middle of the alphabet and I know there are 19 pages, I can at least get closer to it quicker.

    I do use the search forums links but they search the whole text of the game and many games are often abbreviated or only partial names are used in the posts.

    I hope this all makes sense!
  • With the Search feature, you can choose to search partial words and you can use abbreviations to do this, and you can choose which forums to search if you wish.

    It would take abit of hacking to add what you are talking about and actually getting it to work would be another ordeal altogether. In general that's a good idea but unfortunately it won't work very easily.

    And remember, if you ever need any help that's not easily found then open up a new thread and one of us will help you out. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Here's a suggestion that would have helped me when I first joined. Maybe it already exists but I haven't found it yet.

    How about an area explaining the tags and other items in the "posting area"? I know I had trouble using them (still do) and most of what I've learned has come from reading random hints here and there in other posts or from specific questions I've PM'd to Staff members. I still have no idea how to use the quote tag and various others. I just thought it might be helpful to have an area explaining their uses and perhaps a demonstration of the effects in your posts (for the newer and not so gifted members....of which I am both!) :D
  • Good suggestion Charger... i'll set about doing it right away! And i'll pin it to the top of this, or the Members Area Question's forum for you and anybody else!

    (Now pinned to the top of this forum) :)
  • umm I was wandering if we could have like a computer forum. Or a computer tech forum. You know to put all those computer questions and virus warnings in. Thanx for listening :peace:
  • It's a good suggestion DL, but to be honest there isn't enough demand for it, one thread is really all that's needed, not a full forum. Maybe if there was more demand for it, then we could consider it but to be honest it just wouldn't be used enough...
  • But let me emind you of the old saying "If you biuld it they will come" If you put it up im sure that all the memebrs of API would make good use of it
  • But is there really a need for a whole new area for two or three threads? Virus alerts and hardware/software questions and technical trouble shooting?

    Seems like a waste of space when it could be dealt with in the General Area.
  • Increase the number of posts needed before people can run polls again. I am sick of useless polls they just take up space, posts that make no sense or are just stupid should also be deleted sooner. Thats about it.
  • Sounds like a grand idea to me. I shall put this on the docket in the Mods area and see what the others think and we'll update this thread as soon as we decide on what we'll do. I agree with the polls, some of them just don't make sense. Well, I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • And delete the rock on smilie.Its been abused to a point that I can no longer take.
  • Well it's not for the forum but for the whole site. How about letting us open multiple windows so we can view things like cheat codes, reviews, chat, and post in the forums at the same time. I have this kind of problem I open the forum and I opened also the chat appalet but then I head to the review section to seach for a particular game and the main page loaded and the it goes to the reviews section quitting the chat area and the forums.. And I think this is also the problem why many of our members seem to be missing in the chat area. sometimes it's completely empty at all... that's all

    Thank you for your Kind Attention!!!! :peace:
  • pjb, this is how you do it:

    Find what you want to open
    Right click with your mouse.
    Choose open in new window.
    New window will open for you.

    If you have further questions then let me know and i shall answer your questions.

    Gabe, you know i agree with you......We'll see what the other mods say about this but you know you have me as your 2nd on this one. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I've been thinking.
    If there is one problem that every ody seems to have a problem with it has to be the spamming.
    Some people don't want to see spamming and some people have the need to spam. And the anti spammers wants to either ban the spammers or make them memorize the forum rules while the spammers have an apparent difficulty with understanding what this spam, that every body is talking about, might be.

    So if only there was a way to let both sides have their little passion, to both strike down hard on and allow spam.

    I remember seeing a sort of bulletin board somewere sometime on the net. How about that.
    Throw up a board that people can post their short "Wassups" and "I ruleS" on and clear it ever 2 days or something like that.

    But we already have the livechat, can't the kids go play in there?

    No they can't. Cus it requires that you are logged in to see what a person is writing, you can't leave a message in there for some one (well, maybe for Junkhead, I don't know how much back log he's reading though).

    Then when you have this great place for every one to throw their tags up (naturally flaming and cursing free) you can clean up the "proper" threads a bit by not allowing nonscens to be posted in them. Hopefully the bulletin will serve as a outlet for impatient members who just can't wait to get their point across. Also STAFF can easaly direct members who still havn't got the hang of things there. Maybe the difference in, shall we call it quality, between the two posting options will lead to enlighten members of what belongs were.
    And for those of you who still cherish your postcounts, the bulletin posts should not be included in that postcount.

    What do you think of that? :)
  • Not a half bad idea Manneman, I seen something like that in the Car and Driver Forums. It was called "The Home of the Record Breaking Thread" and that was all it was, 500+ pages of spam.

    But why bother?

    Why have Jim, Lyn, and the rest of the STAFF do that extra work simply because some idiots cannot follow a simple set of rules?

    On a similar note I think that it is rather funny seeing a spammer warning another spammer publicly in the forum. Not only with in a related post but to make an entire post on the warning. That is down right blatant spam.
  • Maybe tags for signatures and [img] tag! And avatar upload without those stupid awards! :doh:
  • Ok....

    1. We don't have tags in signatures because it is felt some members may take advantage and abuse the fact, by having signatures which are a very large font. We just want to keep the signatures nice and simple.

    2. The [IMG] code is only allowed during the Avatar Awards, because otherwise there is very little need for it, if you've got a picture you want to share you could always use the [URL] tags to link to the URL of it. But otherwise uploading pictures uses up a lot of bandwith, and again if some members choose to abuse it they could become offensive, this is a loose example but for instance pornographic images...

    3. The avatar upload is used as a novelty, by only having it every few months it makes it exciting when you can change them. If members were changing them every week it would become very stale and no fun, plus we wouldn't be able to put faces (avatars) to names! As far as the avatar awards go, have you ever participated in one yourself? Because if you had i think you'll think as everybody else agrees, it's great fun. However it's not a requirement so if you don't like it, then simply you don't take part...

    So for the foreseeable future i doubt any of the 3 above suggestions will be considered i'm afraid, since they have very valid reasons for us not having them already.

    Thanks all the same! If you ever have anymore ideas, or suggestions feel free to post them here and we'll discuss them!

  • I was just eating a chicken leg and it hit me.


    I know it's not impossible to put one in the reply screen because I've seen it in other forums.There's even room in the lower right corner of the screen.And lets face it,this forum could really use it.
  • Here is a helpful hint for anyone wanting to use a spellchecker use this simple trick... copy and paste your entire post into an 'new' e-mail, use the spellchecker and then copy and paste it back into your post.

    If your grammar is lacking as well then copy and paste your post into a Word document and use the spelling and grammar checker as I don't think most e-mail programs check for grammar.

    Just remember to ignore the tags.

    Hey Gabe, that spellchecker may have come in handy with your signature! ;)
  • How harsh Rex........but he's right on that one Gabe......missing a bit of punctuation aren't we?

    Anyway, sure it'd be a nice feature but how many of the people that would need a spell checker would actually use it if we had it? Yeah, that's what i thought.....not many of them.

    But if you do find yourself in a bind with your grammar or spelling then do as Rex has mentioned and copy and paste and run the grammar/spell checker and that'll take care of that problem.

    Good suggestions but there is a way without having to hack the boards with another bandwidth-consuming item that makes practical sense but in the end would probably see less use than does our avatar upload feature(heh, heh.......I like that connection). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • You may be against this idea but i have to let go of this you know :pump:

    How bout returning the post counts and other details?

    I know you hate spammers and everything, but this site been a ghost town :cry: and its been sad as you can see :cry: :cry:

    I'm not saying that I hate what you did, but we be missing something, something big that I can't even say!

    In short..... this is no more fun!!

    When someone spammed then just put them in the cooler like it used to be......

    Please don't get mad at me!! :peace: (or something like that)
  • Had that asked in the Member Area Questions-afraid as of now there are no plans to bring them back as they were the main root of the spam we seen-people trying to raise their "rank".

    I've been to some other boards that are maybe more active but they aren't fun to go through either because a lot of it is repeating stuff already asked elsewhere or just plain junk.Don't know about you but I'd rather not have to sort through that to find several posts worth reading. :)
  • I would sooner read one quality post in a session then 50 pointless posts about nothing. Reading a quality post makes me want to reply, reading spam just gets me p :swear: d off.

    Posting in the forum is down a lot but that is a good thing, for now. Notice that the members who would spam repeatedly are nearly gone? That is the exact reason why the post counts were removed, to give nothing to the spammers.

    If you find the forum a little boring right now then why don't you join some of the discussions and games that are going on at the moment?
  • I Have a kinda small suggestion ... Please dont take it in the wrong way or ne thing ... How about putting the No. of posts alongside the name/avatar and giving members rankings ?! This was there before ... how 'bout having it again ?! hehe .... :peace:
  • Assassin,we just had that suggestion and you can see the final answer up above.Have a read through the thread before replying next time,ok? :rules:
  • This was already asked right here as well as another time in this thread within the last couple days.

    Please refer to aforementioned answered questions for the answer as this subject has been covered. We thank you for your suggestion and hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I got a coupple Api suggestions.

    1. Bring the chatroom back!! :clap:

    2. Maybe a new Api skin this one has gotten a bit old.

    3. New competitions like team challenges, contests, or even a scavenger hunt. Anything to get Api busy again. Ill tyr to help with anything else you need but theres my suggestions:) :peace:
  • Here's an idea, I'm rather stone age inre my computer. Prior to the next Av Awards, why not add a jump to a picture resizing program.

    I found many pictures I would have used, and was led to sites by other members, but had no clue how to utilize them.


    If there was a simple resizing program available it might help others who are as comp-illiterate as I. :think:
  • [quote]Originally posted by GamerGuy@Jul 30 2003, 01:01 AM
    [b]Im not sure if this has been suggested yet, but i just didnt feel like reading 4 pages of posts :( .
  • Regarding the LiveChat i'm sure Rex posted a link to a working old chatroom a while back, but i can't seem to find it...

    And also regarding the member competition's the next Games Tournament will start on Saturday, so i'll try and get as many people involved in that as possible! Watch this space!
  • I did post a link to the alternate chat room awhile back but it was edited so I don't know if Jim wants it being used... even though it is working fine.

    As soon as I get the ok I will post a link for it since it is still in my favourites.
  • Its not much at all, but at the bottom of the forums home page, there is "Free Online Games". I think everytime Daniell(sorry if I spelled that wrong)finishes one of his little compititions, we should add the game to that. Its not much but... Meh!
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