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    Here are some movie and actress questions or ya:

    1.In what film did Lil' Bow Wow appear in around 2002 about basketball?

    2.In the movie Ice age what actor played the voice of the Willy Mammoth?

    3.What movie did actor Halle Berry go topless in?

    4.The name of the kid who plays wizard "Harry Potter"?

    5.In this film two guys wake up with new tatoos and a new car, and they did alot of things they don't remeber doing.
    Hint:Dude where's my____?

    1."Like Mike"
    2.Ray Romano
    4.Daniel Radcliff
    5."Dude where's my car?!

    If you got 5/5 questions right you know alot of sh** about movies, If you got 4/5 you know your movies, 3/5 you passed, 2/5 you don't watch many movies, 1/5 you failed.
  • Mastermind, I have news for you.

    I answered all of them correctly, and the only one I saw was Ice Age. BTW, in that film/cartoon, Ray Romano is the voice of the Wooly Mammoth, although his name may be Willy. I don't think your little quiz tests movie knowledge any more than the inane quizzes often shown in the theater before the trailers. Besides, your quiz only addresses recent films. You know, some films before Swordfish were good, too. :blink:

    Failing to answer any of your questions correctly might indicate that the person taking your "quiz" hasn't seen any of those films, yet they may very well know sh** about movies. A quiz covering a wider scope of the film genres may better represent such general claims as made by your scoring system, not to mention covering a wider scope of decades.
  • Also, isn't Halle Berry semi-nude in Monster's Ball? I recall for sure though....especilly since i haven't seen the movie.
  • 5/5, I guess I know my movies. You could of picked allot harder ones though. B)