• i have a d-link wireless dsl-2640T router which i am trying to use with my ps3 but i have no idea how will it work.it is my friends router which i have reset settings.i dont know how to configure the setup which comes from the browser.plz help me i caN USE it both wirelessly or wired.
  • Did he give you the disc that comes with the router as well? You will need to use this to set up the router to work with your internet connection (basically telling the router what type of connection you use and any log in information if your provider needs it. Once you have this done then you can start setting up for use with the PS3.
  • no he did not give any disc.he said that it will work and he gave the password to open setup from browser and also gave his ssid and wep key but now the router is resetted and thus all previous settings are gone.
    the setup of router comes from browser on my pc as well as ps3 by typing can something be done from their???????? my friend did tell me to run the setup wizard from the setup page but when i run it 4 steps come after which nothing happens.
  • When you run the set up wizard you will need to give the router specific information about your internet connection (type of connection, log in if needed by your ISP, and so on).

    You may want to also try powering down the modem for 30 seconds or so then turn it on again. After that you should be able to try getting the PS3 connected.