PS Home Item issues
  • Hey all I have a friend who finished Xi and won all 3 of her trophies when she goes to her apartment ( the one they give you not a special one ) she goes to add furniture then to ordaments she can see her trophies in there but when she clicks to add them to the apartment it makes the noise as if the spot is empty so she can't get them out is there away she can fix this maybe shes missing an update or something? Any way she would love to buy a new apartment and other items but with this problem shes scared to spend money on something she might not get to use at all and it being a waist for her. so if you could let me know so I can tell her I would be greatful thanks avid PS home fan:confused:
  • She will have no worries with buying items in the mall to add to her avatar and apartment. They haven't yet updated Home to show off trophies in the apartment.
  • Thank you so much I will let her know she will be so happy. :D