Destroy all Humans 2 help
  • I am stuck at the Blisk Base in destroy all humans 2. the war ship platforms do not show, so I cant climb to get the first crystal. Pox just has recap mission or leave. The mission does not seem in a started state. Can anyone help? Dont know what I did wrong or missed.
  • The first one is on top of one of the three tall spires at the center of the Blisk base (the warship). Walk around the base until you see small platforms on the side of one of the spires. Use your jetpack to boost up to them, then turn toward the middle and boost again to the center platform. Keep boosting up to the higher platforms until you reach the top. Of the two platforms at the top, one will be empty and the other will have the nexus crystal.

    Hope this helps :).
  • That is the problem, there are no platforms to climb on the warship. I know the first crystal is on the top but there is no way to climb. It's like something has to activate the platforms to extend. They were there at one time and I tried to climb them. got tired and decided to do it later. Now they are not there. Go figure (a game Bug?)
  • I think by going off to do that odd job after triggering the mission you may have triggered a bug in the game to make those platforms disappear (bit of a followup to the repeat post you did on this in customer service). If you have your save from before triggering this mission you can go back to it and re-do.