Problem With My Ps2
  • Hi i got my PS2 two years ago.Recently when I try to put a DVD the following message appears:"Disc Read Error".
    All my games have no scratches on them nor anything plus i checked my games on other PSs they worked normally.
    But what is weird is that i got some games they always work others they work really rare (I got GTA Vice city a month ago and i never had the chance to play it :angry: .
    I got also a DVD cleaner it didn't read it.
    What do I have to do???
    Do i have to change the lens?
    thank you.
  • Could be that the lens is out of alignment. Give Sony a call and have them fix it. SCEA Consumer and Technical Support 1-800-345-SONY (7669)

    I have heard though that they can be a little forgiving in their price, try to haggle with them. That is if that's the problem.
  • I suffered the same thing with my 1st gen PS2 ( :blink: I got it at the launch date after 26 hours on the line !! ) So I contacted Sony and had it fixed for about 99 bucks !!
    But a Kid in line at the service center told me to get mad at the Customer Service Folks , so I did and they Fixed it for free !!
    And now that it happened again (after 9 months)they are sending me a refurbished system in exchange for my old onefor free. I hope i get to play GTA Vice City before the semester starts(I just bought it when my system went nuts) !!