Wireless Connection Help
  • I have Wireless internet for my computer. I just click on aol and go, no messy cords or cables. I want to get onto playstation network with my ps3. I have been trying for months. If I use the easy setting I can "scan" for my SSID, I kno my WLAN, security setting, my WPA Key, all of this seems to work fine. I even know my numbers for the IP address in the custom settings. I need to know if maybe I am hooking up the ps3 wrong to my computer. I have the ps3 running to the tv, and from the ps3 by ether net cable to my comp. Should I log off my computer to test my ps3? Or am I doing something totally wrong. I can use my computer for the net but I am having bad luck with the PS3.

    Please help. Many Thanks for your time.
  • If your computer is connecting wirelessly then the PS3 should be able to as well- you don't need the ethernet cable going from your computer to the PS3.

    One other problem you are giving yourself would be that IP address- it is likely the same as the one your computer uses and this would be causing a conflict. Try leaving the PS3's IP address as automatic but put the other numbers in manually (router IP, subnet mask, dns servers). You can get those from your router.
  • when i try to get my ps3 online using wireless,it cant get a signal from my access point even when i put my ps3 right beside it and wired connection didnt work what do i do?
  • Coyle, if you are connecting the PS3 to your computer you'll need to turn on Internet Connection Sharing on your PC. A quick google search for that term will bring up all sorts of results on how it is done. It's quite possible you have the wrong type of ethernet cable to work that- crossover ethernet cable is used for it (yes, there is a difference).

    If your laptop is connecting to a router wirelessly but the PS3 can't detect that same wi-fi signal try connecting the router and PS3 via the ethernet cable and set up a wired connection.