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  • To anyone out there who has played Armored Core: Master of Arena, I have a question. Have you ever found a head part known as the HD-H10, and if so where did you find it? (Sub-Arena, mission, etc.)?
  • Uhhhhh, yeah, I've played it, it's always one of the favs. when me and my friends get together. As for that part, well, I think I found it,(been a long time since I played the missions) but if I remember right, it's a fairly worthless hunk of junk, worthy only to be sold. I'll take a look in the game's missions later today, and see if I can come up with anything. And if you wanna post some specs of the core your designing, like what parts your thinking of using, I'll try and post some ideas for it.

    Later all,
  • OK - thanx for checking on that. I'd found some AC designs on the net that required that part, and it seems that was the only hidden part I couldn't find - didn't even know it existed until I saw those designs that used it. Just knowing where it can be found in the game would be nice, and besides, it nags me to think I missed something in there!
    Anywayz, here's one of the designs I found that caused this fuss:

    Head: HD-H10
    Core: XXL-DO
    Arms: AN-25
    Legs: LN- 1001-PX-0
    Generator: GBX-XL
    Boosters: B-VR-33 or B-PT000
    L. Arm: LS-3303
    R. Arm: WG-RFM118
    R. Back: WM-MVG802 or WM-X201
    L Back: WM-PS-2

  • Ok, been really busy the last few days, but I promise I'll try to get to looking into it in a day or two, and I'll build up that core if I have the time and test it out. Sorry I havn't gotten to it yet, might even have some time tonight, well, cya later.

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  • OK, No sweat, thanx for checking it out!

  • Am moving this to the appropriate forum!
  • Well this is a bit odd, I thought I'd gotten just about every thing there is to get in this game, but I guess not. The only hidden head part that I know of is in the Destroy Berzerk MT's mission, but it's not the head your looking for. I looked around the net to see if anyone else knew where it was, and they made menssion of it, but never told where it was. So, I can't really help you with it. I'll post a couple of my fav. cores up here later when I get home from work, so you can check them out, and see how you like them.
    Sorry bout that.

    Later all,
  • OK - thanks for checking anyway, I really appreciate the effort. I got pretty much the same results you did on enquiries - people had heard of it, but didn't where to find it. I did find a couple of consolation prizes, tho - a game save file that had all the parts, including the infamous HD-H10 head (DexDrive to the rescue!), plus a GameShark code that unlocks that part.
    Here's the site where I found the game file:

    Here's the GameShark codes for MoA:

    An here's an AC design I just came up with - based on the lightest, fastest legs in the game:

    Name: Sparrow
    Head: HD-HELM
    Core: XXA-S0
    Arms: AN-25
    Legs: LF-205-SF
    Generator: GBG-XR
    Boosters: B-T001
    Back Weapon Left: WM-S40/2
    Back Weapon Right: WC-01QL
    Arm Weapon Left: LS-1000W
    Arm Weapon Right: WG-HG770
    Optional Parts:

    This AC is lethal against other light-weights, but don't take on heavy ACs in this thing or you're toast! It might also be good against the Ex Arena ACs that like to bash you to death with their laserblades (haven't tried it yet, tho). Anyway, you can still lead them a merry chase with this design...