What Game You Playing At The Moment?
  • [b]So come on tell me and the rest of the APi gamers what game you're playing at the moment.

    Games i'm playing...

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Playing it for the umpteenth time just because it's an excellent agem. I hadn't played on it for a month or so, so when i played it again i forgot some of the stuff to do which is brill :D

    Devil May Cry: Playing this game for the first time, bought it for
  • I probably spend the most time at the mo playing Vice City. I
  • I bought FFX last week and I didn't really have high hopes of getting stuck with it (don't aske me why) but some how I've totally fallen in love with it. The funny thing is that I really enjoy blitzballing, I spend more time in the arena then in the story.

    Vice City holds me in a somewhat looser grip now.
    I'm trying to find all the packages and it is such a pain in the butt that I think I have to get a map of soem sort to find the last 8 of them.
  • Even though I won it, I am puting in some weapon cheats just to kill people and have some fun, Vice City(GTA) Other than that, I was just on computer for a while.
  • I only have to finish four tourneys in Hot Shots Golf 3 to have it cracked wide open.

    THPS4 has been keeping me up till sunrise quite a bit lately.

    The biggest one though is MOH Frontline. A couple of my friends have beaten it, but they cheated. Not using cheats on this one is the only way to go. This game in my opinion is flat out kick a**.
  • Well I just rented Tekkken 4 and DBZ Budokai.

    I hate DBZ's fighting style, I just didnt find that much interesting stuff about it. My 2 little brothers love the game, so I guess its more of a kids game.

    Now for Tekken 4! Man its awsome! I love the new graphics and Jins new Karate style. ALso Steve fox is awsome. I love the story in games and Tekken 4 really give you that.

    I also need to set myself down and beat xenogears. Im at the end but just havent had time to play it.

    Also FFTactics i have been addicted to. I have been leveling up my characters, which is really fun because you get new character classes.

    Cant wait for XENOSAGA!
  • jdm, yes MOH: Frontline does kick serious @ss. I completed it a while back and was thinking about having another go at it because it's so good.

    It's that good that i think it's the only FPS you should have for the PS2 :)
  • I am currently going back through some of my old games. Right now I am playing FF8 again. I love that game. After that I will probably play Breath of Fire 4 and then Legend of Dragoon and then probably FFX.

    I like to try different things each time I play them.
  • Currently i have no games i'm playing but only because i sold my PS2 and gave my Gamecube away. I kept my Xbox just for the DVD player until i move as i already have a buyer for it when i do move. Games i was working on before selling the PS2 were Wild Arms 3, Legaia 2: Duel Saga, GTA: VC, DMC2, and the Getaway. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I am playing 007 Nightfire right now. I'm on the last couple missions. Breezed through single play rather quickly, but I'm really looking forward to multiplayer. Multi play seems to have a lot of customizable features. Happy gaming!
  • One game: super smash bros melee, borrowed off a friend.

  • Dance Dance Revolution: I bought this one off my dad and have been trying to master every song on the easy setting.

    Final Fantasy VIII: Bought it a couple weeks ago, I'm still at the beginning. DL's trying to persuade me to battle Diablos..but I dunno...I don't wanna work with it right now.

    Star Ocean 2: I'm stuck at a point that I can't seem to beat. I'm sure I will eventually give up on it.

    Final Fantasy IX: Bought this one months ago. I'm stuck in G. Grotto with no potions and about to fight a boss. Too scared to attempt this battle without Steiner or Dagger.

    Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite!: Yeah I know it sounds stupid, but I'm so close to beating this game and its driving me insane how I can't beat it.

    Petz 5: Again, a very childish game, but very entertaining. It helps me pass the days by. When I'm on the computer, I'm usually here or playing Petz 5.

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest: I know it's a very old game, but I started replaying it at my friends house and I decided to buy it for myself.

    Final Fantasy Tactics: I'm stuck on a battle with the Wizards and Archers. Darn archers on my team don't shoot far enough.

    I know this thread is about what games are you playing at the moment, but I am playing all of them. One after another.
  • Now me i go back and forth i will play Vice City for about 2 hours (since i've beeten it) then i will play nascar thunder 2003 and then test drive. But at the moment i'm playing stuntman.
    (yes i know it's kinda old but i still like it)
  • Well I'm currently playing SOCOM US NAVY SEALS (still can't pass that danmed mission 6) great game.
  • I am currently replaying kingdom hearts.
  • I'm currently playing XENOGEARS I'm revisiting my old games... :lol: Also SOCOM :ph34r: I like military games also Medal of Honor: Frontline....
  • harvest moon:btn
    db gt final bout
  • I agree there p. vegetta Harvest mooon: btn will never let you go to sleep
  • At the moment, aside from Counter-Strike, i'm playing Eternal Darkness on GameCube. That game is keeping me up at night, and not necessarily because i'm playing it :ph34r:

    The 'insanity effects' are awesome. I'd list the one's i've encountered, but it'd ruin the fun :) - just take my word for it, they are awesome. Gets scarier the further into it you get, VERY good game.
  • I changed my mind from my earlier post. After I finished FF8 I decided to play FFX again. Those two are probably my favorite all time games. I just started and had to take a day off work because I stayed up too late........... :P
  • Thanks to Madhatr, I've been playing Baulders Gate dark alliance (Hey it's all new to me!) I was able to play if for a few days before I started playing it with my son so I guess my welcome post sorta worked.

    Sometimes I feel like that battery commercial when the kid's battery dies and grampa's doing the snoopy dance (ok I'm not that old!) <_< <br />
  • I've been playin Dynasty Warriors 4 and I just finished Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter for the first time.
  • Hmmmm, lets see.....Dark Cloud 2, Legaia 2: Duel Saga, Wild Arms 3, Xenosaga Episode 1, .hack//Infection, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, Breath of Fire: DragonQuarter, Shinobi, Guilty Gear X2, Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, and a few others i think. Hey, i gotta keep busy when not at work......Oh, and yes i am playing all of them at one time......and yes i know that's a bad idea. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • i've been playing the heck outta War of the Monsters since i got it in February

    i took breaks for The Sims, ZOE2, .hack, DBZ:Budokai, Aero Elite, and (heheh) Mister Mosquito. DJ:V is next on my list

    but when i finished one of those, i put WotM back in ... even though i've beaten it hundreds of times over. ain't love grand?
  • Currently I'm re-boiling 'cabbages' :P
    Playing a mix between, Kingdom Hearts, Final Strike...on the puter... and Tomb Raider 2. Just until tommorow, when "Primal" is finally released here, oh, and then Tomb Raider, Angel of Darkness......hopefully fairly soon??????? :unsure:
  • Chrono Cross. I finally beat Garai so now I'm back on with playing that game.
  • Right now i just got back into the Sims so i am playing it quite a bit. But i also still play Smackdown:SYM. That has to be one of my favorite games of all time. Also ever now and again i'll pop SOCOM and GTA:VC. I plan on picking up Dynasty Warriors 4, Splinter Cell, and MGS2:Substance pretty soon.
  • [quote]Originally posted by KiLLa@Apr 9 2003, 11:02 AM
    [b]At the moment, aside from Counter-Strike, i'm playing Eternal Darkness on GameCube. That game is keeping me up at night, and not necessarily because i'm playing it
  • Broke down and bought Socom and Splinter cell for PS2. Holy smokes am I out of my league!! My wife walked in and saw I had the head set on trying voice commands and she nearly fell over laughing.

    I thought I was taking the boat out and going fishing this weekend... looks like plans are changing :D

  • I'm fairly stuck on an RPG called Eternal Ring. Quite a good game if you like all the action being in first-person. I'd call it an FPS if you could actually shoot anything bar magic cause its one of those sword-and-sorcery type games. But I'm stuck on it and it's driving me NUTS. Oh and I'm also playing FF6 and have nearly completed it. Apart from those 2 nothing else.
  • I restarted FF8 after aquering a new copy of it (the last one got eaten by my dog when I was on disc 3 and I deleted the saves long ago).

    In FF10 I'm just leveling up and collecting the celestial stuff at the moment.

    What I'm really playing is Ratchet and Clank, wich I first got a demo of and then by shear luck found a used copy on half price the very next day.
  • Well im playing Kingdom Hearts, Darkcloud 2 , and Xenosaga. And a little bit of SoulBlade, trying to get all 70 weapons.
  • When I get the chance to play I am playing SD:SYM, Pride FC.

    Currently thinking about going the import route and gettin' a Jap PS2 along with King of Col. (red and green) and Fire pro Z when it comes out. I recently had the opportunity to play KoC and I was amazed.
  • Splinter cell
    Midnight Club 2
    Madden 2003
  • At the moment I'm playing Resident Evil Zero on the GameCube to make up for the dissapointing Devil May Cry 2. Also I seemed to be playing a lot of Burnout on the PS2 along with a Classic for the PS-One - R-Type Delta

    Getting near to summer I will be upgrading the PC to go full broadband & hi-spec to get back to online FPS action, You all best lock & load coz I'll be fragging you down!
  • I've been playing The Sims for PS2 since the day it came out - completed it with NO CHEATING whatsoever but it wasted days of my life and I'm just beginning to think "how sad is that?" and "how interesting can it be to watch small electronic people go to the toilet?" Anyway, I've solved the problem by lending it to my small nephew, who is shut in his bedroom with his eyes glazing over as we speak...
  • Im playing the new spyro...i just love that lil dragon! i got that game for christmas but couldnt play it til my birthday (1-10) b/c it required a WHOLE memory card!!! :angry: (did that ever piss me off!)
  • I have finally found a copy of Hitman 2 at a good price albiet second hand but it is still in primo condition and half as cheap as if I bought it new.

    Still trying to get used to the controls, but loving the ability to sneek up behind people and garrot (sp?) them. :D

    Ocassionally Vice City gets thrown in to get towards 100%, only thing I have left are the rampages, unique jumps and that d@mn Paramedic mission. <_<
  • I am playing Devil May Cry1 and its pretty cool. My daughter finished it and is playing DMC2 now. :rolleyes:
  • I am now playing GT3! I don't like the views as much in this one though! :)
  • I rented Splinter Cell for the weekend and I am hooked. I am going to somehow persuade KJB to let me buy this game.

    I have also rented Hot Shots Golf 3, I don't know why I don't just go out and buy it :wacko: ... it is a Greatest Hits now.

    I lent GTA: Vice City to a guy at work for a week... I miss it. If I hadn't lent it to him I would be playing it as well. I have all the missions done now it is just the odd jobs, hidden packages, stores to rob and the unique jumps.
  • Grand Prix Challenge for the PS2! It is by far the best F1 game I've seen. If you like racing in the least, get it.

  • Well me I haven't played much lately(school) but when I do I play Shinobi which I found to be pretty good( I still like the old one better lol) I still haven't beat it yet I'm getting there.And I play Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and believe it or not I still play a little Megaman X6.I also play Bloodrayne I haven't beaten it without codes yet that games hard but I'm getting better!(yay)
  • For some strange reason I always find myself drawn back to Civilization 2 for the PS1. In spite of the maddeningly long AI think ( ? ) times I still can't leave it alone. It's cost me more sleep over the years than all my other games combined.
  • At the moment i'm playing the sims on ps2. I want to stay up and play it but my mum won't let me :cry:
  • Right now im playing FF Tactics for the 10th time because i have done all there is to do on .Hack Mutation.
  • Well right now, my brother is hooked on my PS2 playing Kingdom Hearts, he has been playing it for the last week, and he alreay beat it, so now he is working on geting all the dalmations so we can see the secret ending.

    But as for me, im hooked on my computer playing, unreal tournment, quake 3, and counter strike.

    COUNTERSTRIKE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

    Cant wait for Half-life 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

  • I just started to play a game called "Madden 2003"! Thats football for anyone who doesn't know! :peace:
  • Oyy, I'm staying up late playing Final Fantasy Tactics, Which is older, and Gothic for PC, which I am addicted too AHHH!! :punk: :clap: :fight:
  • Silent Hill (Original PSX), Silent Hill 2 (PC), Dino Crisis (PSX), Splinter Cell (PC), I love my PSone, almost that I love my PC :rolleyes: :woot:
  • Right now i am dling an online game called Ragnorok, i hope its fun.
  • I am playing chrono cross at the moment :peace:
  • Im playing Metal Gear Solid for the PSone. CANT SEEM TO GET OUT OF THAT TORTURE ROOM!!! :doh:
  • Warcraft III is keeping the sandman away from my house, Grab your sword and fight the horde, My life for Ner'Zoul, Daboo!, (cant think of one for Night Elves "insert wisp sound").
  • the only game im playing right now is wild arms 2nd ignition
  • *cough cough* im currently playing...*cough cough*...Zelda
  • Cellda or Zelda?
  • Roller! Zelda? WTF! Gone all Nintendo on us hey, I mean PC is acceptable X-box possibly but Nintendo Roller I am shocked and disheartend I think I am going to cry :cry: well mabey not but I want these actions to stop stat! Boy oh boy.
  • I dont like Cellda either, sorry Roller.
  • I'm now playing enter the matrix and it is a very cool game although I wish they had more modes than just the main mode! :cry: :cry:
  • I've been playing a less more than usual but here is what i'm playing:

    Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance - Really having fun with this one, the Alternative missions are really cool, the only thing i'm having trouble is the bomb disposal.

    Devil May Cry 2 - Passing the Must Die mode.... Jesus, it is a little more difficult than the Dante Must Die mode in DMC cuz Bosses have devil Triger making it more difficult.

    Legaia 2: Duel Saga - The game it self is a bit hard to pass... I got stuck in a part and stayed there for 2 months. Result: after passing that part, the rest was easy. Now i'm trying to get to lvl 100 and get Fruit of Gods to power up my characters.

    GTA Vice City - Getting the Hidden Packages (only 9 to go) and the Unique Jumps.

    Soul Calibur - I continue playing this game, altough it's for Dreamcast, i still play it.

    Phantasy Star Online - ... I play this game everyday...

    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance: One of the best Beat'em ups i ever played...

    Well this is what im playing...
  • the game that i am playing at the moment is the sims it is very funny and it is my fav game at the monoment
  • My ps2 is broke :( so i'm playing with my psone crash team racing,syphon filter 3,delta force: uw,thrill kill-beta version,metal gear(trying to pass it for the second time),smackdown 2, snin9x emulator(various games), msx emulator(metal gear 2), genesis and gameboy color emulators(various games)...and yes all that in this moment.
  • My friend has a moded version of Thrill Kill, that games is grusome and really cool, too bad it didnt make it to the console.
  • I am playing Suikoden 3, Fatal Frame, and Grandia extreme right now so I can finally finish all the games I have started and devote all my time to finally beating DW7. (my memory card erased itself :cry: )
  • I'm playing Harvest Moon: Back To Nature at the moment. I've had it for quite a while, but I haven't really had the chance to play a lot of it. Now I got more time, I'm playing it more and throwing more control pads at the wall in frustration. ^_^
  • ive got quite a few games in limbo at the moment, i need a week off work to cope with them all!!!!1

    Silent hill 3: must beat this before my dad
    enter the matrix
    Devil may cry 2
  • Busy playing Splinter Cell at the mo' and having a break of Tiger Woods 2003 in between. Both games rock.

    Hey Odd long time :peace:
  • Now im playing Gilty Gear X2. The games i play change constantly.
  • Now it's a mixture of the sims and the matrix. I have finnaly completed easy and normal with ghost and easy and normal with niobie! :clap: ^_^

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