ps3 onine problems
  • ok, i donno how to get online at all here atm ive told u how my connection is all setup before but ok here is my problem i get 100 percent connection and then at the end i get obtain ip adress succeded and internet connection failed y is this wen it says i got 100 percent it dont make sense plz help me
  • That 100% is not your internet, it is the wireless connection between the PS3 and your router.

    What you are most likely needing to do is some port forwarding on your router. If you go into the very top thread in this section you will find listed the port numbers needed- also, we have a link to a site that will guide to where on your router you open these ports. While you are there you may also want to find some information in the router settings and add this to the PS3 manually (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS server addresses)
  • yh i did ports last time but i messed my computer up my fault and the man who sorted out had to fix it all again do u think wen i messed it up the ports could of gone, because i use to be online but then messed my computer up now i cant get online
  • and if this helps my old ip adress has been changed to something else
  • and i cant find that thread
  • Aggh- I'm used to this sort of thing being in the PS3 Console section as it doesn't pertain to any particular game, sorry about that. It's in the PS3 Console section.

    Most likely when they fixed your computer's connection they un-did everything you did for the PS3. You may need to go back into the router settings and try again with the port forwarding. Changing things in that portion of your router shouldn't have affected your computer at all so you may have went to the wrong bit altogether last time.
  • well wat im going to do it phone up belkin and sort it out wid them to make new ports and that should fix shouldnt it
  • They would not make "new ports" but they will be able to help you with doing it correctly for the ports the PlayStation network needs.
  • my old ports have probably been destroyed though
  • They would not get destroyed, just closed up again. It isn't like they are something physical right in the router, after all. It would be a matter of going in and getting the setting in correctly in the port forwarding section of your router.
  • thanks for all your help ill just phone belkin and ill sort it out i understand u know lol thanks for all your help
  • actually one more question is satelite internet connection just bad for ps3 online because i got 4mb and it still use to be bad
  • Satellite internet is not very good for gaming as you have a good bit of lag with the upload (sending out). It's better for normal web surfing.
  • yh i know is there no way at all of how to improve it