help with master cheat code for Eternal Ring
  • Hello, There is a cheat code for eternal ring on your site called the master cheat. it says "at title screen, type circle, x, triangle, square, square, circle, triangle". it was tested and worked fine by a member. the problem i have is that when i type it in at the title screen, nothing happens. am i supposed to hear a sound or something? can you help me figure out what exactly am i supposed to do and how to do it?
  • I don't believe there is any sort of sound when that cheat is made- no mention of one being there is made on any other place the cheat is listed. To be honest, when that person submitted it was tested they may well have grabbed it from another site and just submitted to us at the time figuring these other sites had it so it must be legit.

    There hasn't been much detail on this other than being a "master cheat" so it's hard to say what this actually does other than possibly enable the use of other cheats that may be available.