eternal ring question
  • these are the codes found at and i cant get them to work. my gameshark version is 1.3

    [M] Must Be On August 15, 2003
    76005770 00000000
    F4009F2E BEF405CC

    Quick Level Up March 19, 2003
    760E4840 00000000
    14503068 14F45158

    Infinite Hit Points March 19, 2003
    76083090 00000000
    14403A78 9CF411EA

    Max Hit Points March 19, 2003
    76029580 00000000
    14403A79 9CF411EA

    Infinite Mana Points March 19, 2003
    760B55A0 00000000
    14403A78 9CF411DA

    Max Mana Points March 19, 2003
    7601F0B0 00000000
    14403A79 9CF411DA

    i found another list of gameshark codes as follows

    Eternal Ring ALL GAME SHARK CODES Cheats
    (m) Must Be On
    Quick Level Up
    Infinite Hit Points
    Max Hit Points
    Infinite Mp
    Max Mp

    these also do not work ive even tried to take the gameshark codes from and convert them useing the maxconvert but again it doesnt work. i am very lost here can anyone help
  • I am having the same problem with same gameshark disc. Did you ever get it to work all i get is a blank screen, i notice you posted this in july and its now october so i thought you may have got it to work, I would like to know thanks ...............................Rob