Red Faction Guerilla matchmaking
  • here's my issue. I can play red faction online by myself normally, however when I try to do matchmaking with party, or custom match with party with a friend of mine, it doesn't work. when I create a game and send an invite to my friend, he can accept the invite, but it doesn't connect, it just kicks him offline, and vice versa. we both use comcast broadband with wireless routers, and we both have 60 to 70 percent signal strength. I'm looking for any sort of assistance with this issue.
  • 60-70 % is not exactly the best amount of signal to the router to be gaming with. You would be better off, honestly, going wired or possibly set up the system someplace where it can get a stronger wi-fi signal.
  • thank you for your quick reply. Would poor signal strength cause issues with matchmaking only? I rarely have any issues playing online by myself, I never get booted, and rarely (once or twice a week) experience lagging, but matchmaking doesn't work at all.
  • Yes it would cause problems with matchmaking- if your connection to the router isn't strong enough your PS3 would not be able to connect to the game servers consistently. How far away is the router from your PS3?
  • my ps3 is in a separate house from the main house on the property. it's about 30 feet from the window where the router sits to the location where my ps3 is. i've tried several different locations for both, and the best I can get is 70%. unfortunately a wired connection is not an option. any suggestions on improving signal would be appreciated.