• In the desert prison there is a sort of a well.In there is a chest thats been already opened.I was just wondering how do you get the item in it.
  • Hi Gabriel, personally i never got past the first disk on FF7 :D

    I'm not even sure what disk you're on,

    But here's a Strategy Guide to help you, just find where you're stuck and hopefully it'll help you :)

    FF7 Walkthrough

  • Well there is no way to get that item, everything has been broken into already. What you have to do is go in the place where the 2 bodyguards look alikes are and go in to talk. then go in the house by in and chose your group. After that head back to where you first landed, then go in the gate were the dead guy is. Equip your stuck in friend (the other one you can't move) with all the good stuff, don't worry a boss fight with him/her is coming up and you need good materia. Hope this helps!
  • i read somewhere that in the Japanese version of FF7, you had to fight a boss called Test Zero in the well.

    there's another empty chest to the right of the save point in the Desert Prison.
  • Ah yes the Infamous Test Xero that never made it here.