• I'm new at gaming and was lovin it till I got stuck. I'm in Palace Midas and I can see an upper level but don't know what to do to get there.
    I've done everything I can on the level I'm on I've killed apes, gators and lions. and I've jumped on everything I can find to jump on in an effort to reach the upper level, no luck. Please Help!!!!!!!!!! :blink:
  • I think I know where you're at. If you just ran up the long stairs and entered a huge room filled with apes, pillars and a large platform against the back wall. On the right side of the big platform is a pillar you gan get on, then runjump to the next pillar. From there jump to the ledge above the door. From there jump from pillar to pillar around to the left side of the platform until you gan jump over onto it. There are 4 switches up there which are your next puzzle. Different combinations open four different doors. Each one has a new puzzle behind it for you.

    I hope this is what you need. If not please contact me again. Have fun gaming. :)