Scarface The World Is Yours: Chi Peso Trattoria Mission
  • i couldn't beat this at first but i found a semi-easy way, check out YouTube - Scarface: TWIY - Chi Peso Trattoria Mission
    i'll tell you the steps

    1. before you start the mission, block the front door of the place with a car (use the armored truck for drug shipments)
    2. make sure the car blocks the door as much as possible (the gang men can shoot through little spaces)
    3. go in the place from the other door
    4. start the mission
    5. the manager can't leave because he only goes through the door that you blocked
    6. kill the gang members until it says to "regroup inside"
    7. move the car, and the manager will go up the stairs to the roof of the place
    8. shoot down the final wave