Playstation 3 DNS Error (but a couple other questions as well)
  • Hi,

    My situation in trying to get on the ps3 network is kind of frustrating/confusing. But here it goes....

    For Internet i have a Rogers Mobile Internet stick (USB Modem)...but someone told me that if i purchase a WIFI router, i could get internet on the ps3. That is all he said and didnt lay me out any details, but i figured if i had 2 ethernet cords, i could connect one from my laptop to the router, and another one from the router to the ps3. Unfortunately there is a DNS error (80710102). The IP address succeeds, but the internet connection fails because of this DNS error.

    Does anyone know how i could fix this? Or if that doesnt work, does anyone at least know of a way i could gain access to playstation network with my rogers usb modem?

    PS3 is just not the same without online lol. Im dieing here.

    Thanks alot
  • You may need to get into your router settings and find the DNS Server addresses then put these in manually to the PS3's settings. That error normally means the PS3 is having problems finding these.
  • yeah i know but i called rogers and there is no dns settings or anything for this...any other suggestions?
  • In that case you should actually be able to bypass using the router altogether. Once you configure internet connection sharing you should be able to connect the PS3 directly to your laptop.

    Honestly, though, the PS3 wasn't meant to connect to mobile broadband. You may be better off looking into a cable or DSL connection, which could then use the router to connect both your laptop and the PS3 online independently.
  • how do i configure internet connection sharing?

    and yeah i know but im stuck with this thing for a year because of the this is my only hope lol
  • The way to set it up varies depending on which version of WinBlows you are using (have been seriously considering switching to a Mac some days). A quick Google search for it along with your OS should bring up all sorts of results.
  • ok i configured internet connection sharing, but now it fails on the ip address?

    what i did was configure the internet sharing, than put an ethernet cord going from my laptop to the ps3....but wont work
  • is it because i need a cross over ethernet cable? cause i just have a normal one
  • Yes, you do need to use cross over ethernet cable for this sort of thing.