Anyone have any ideas?? ps3
  • My stupid brother used his freinds email adress for his online network account, this freind then changed the password and now he cannot play games online.
    Is there any way you can reset this so he can use his own email address?
  • Only thing he can really do at this point is set up a new PSN ID using his own address (not going to ask why he didn't do this in the first place).

    Of course, one other option may be the "forgot password" button on the log in- if he can remember what was put in for the secret question and birthdate (I hope he didn't put random stuff here and forgot to write it down someplace) it will ask him to set a new password. Then he'd be able to log in and change the e-mail address in Account Management.

    We would be able to do nothing here as we are not part of Sony.