Constant Errors and Freezing
  • My sister and I just recently got our PS3 back from being repaired and now when we play Killzone 2 online it's constantly kicking us off of the network. It has given quite a large range of errors including something about 'essential game objects lost' and a popular number error, 3505. And if it doesn't give us an error, it freezes once or twice a day.

    So should I just send it back again or is there something I'm missing here? Honestly if it there's still something wrong with it this time I'm about to convince my family to get rid of it. I pay too much money for these games for them to not run smoothly. :mad: I love Sony and have been a loyal customer, but this is just disappointing!
  • I would suggest deleting the system data off (leave your save data), let the system re-install this and also re-download the patches.
  • We already did that. :(