problems with connectin my psp to your network
  • Dear Playstation network

    I bought a D-link router DSL-264OU
    I can connect internet to my psp but it won't let me connect to your network.
    I have tried so many things.
    has previously played online on your network at a mate house but our new router we are not able to sign in.
    Please help.

  • Just so you know, it isn't our network. We had that name chosen for the forums before Sony named their own online system.

    You will likely have to edit the PSP's network settings to reflect the changes in your network compared to your friend's- possibly a different router IP address, would be different DNS servers, and so on. You will likely need to go into the router settings for these as well as do some tweaking of settings in there to assist the PSP (port forwarding, add the PSP into the router's DHCP client list, reserve an IP address if possible).