2 player Tiger Woods 10
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    I can't get to play 2 people off line I.E. stroke play--- when I sign in to play and then pick stroke play and then pick 2 players, my husband signs in to join me in the match and it makes me sign out. We both have a player started in the tour on our own, etc. but can't play together like we did on XBOX. Does anyone know what I should or shouldn't do to play 2 or 4 player matches?Thank you for a
  • THat's a great question that i'd like an answer to. My wife & i play too. Also...

    I just bought the game and thinks it's fantastic. The one thing i would like to see that i can't seem to find, and please if anyone has any suggestions on the below or another site that has more suggestions etc, is... Not cheats, just more like a guide.

    1) What skills are really important so when we buy equipment etc. with boosts, which order should we buy things in? Ex. power, short game , putting etc. What is worth buying and what is worth waiting for if u save up?

    2) what is the best way to make money in the shortest amount of time? I've tried the mini- game target which is good and if you play a round or a few holes you make GIR and Closest to the pin etc.

    3) what is the best way to get points to unlock the boosts etc.

    3) I see the PGA tour schedule. IS it only on line? I see that it has a few choices at the beginning that says once you've set it up that way...1-4 rounds per event etc. you can't change it.. I'd like to know more about the whole section before i make any permanent changes.

    4) can you play 2 or more players at a time in the PGA season? I saw somewhere that online, you can only play one at a time which is dissappointing when we, 2 of us, always play together.

    Thank you for any help at all.