Blizzard Of '03
  • How much snow did you all get? i got 27 and a half inches of it and weve had off forever! we have off tomorrow too!
  • I got a "whopping" 4" of ice. I worked everyday and we only closed early on Sunday. It wasn't all that bad here except getting out of my driveway.
  • Unfortunately my family wasnt blessed with sons so i spent most of monday afternoon shoveling 2 and a half feet of snow off the driveway with my dad.
  • :huh: Is it you guys that been stealing our weather?

    As I have mentioned I live on the north pole (well, pretty damn close anyways) and winter is my favourite season.
    Febuary usually provides me with artic cold and sunny days but somehow, this year, for the last week and a half, the temperature has been around + 6 to 10 celsius (-21 to -16 F) wich means all the lovely snow and ice has turned into water, sob :(
    I don't even get to wear my brand new Helly Hansen jacket.

    We really need to do something about this grenhouse effect or whatever is causing this.
  • I got NO snow. But, Cali got a great nice three straight days of rain. Some places actually flooded..but it's nowhere near as much rain as there was in 1993.
  • I got a little bit of snow but it has been friggen cold :wub: Hasn't been over 0 C all month and last month we were lukcy if it went over -10 C

  • We got about 10 inches..... the last two of which were ice. It's the ice that makes it so little, or else it would have been more, but that's ok!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Farther North, in Washington DC, they had a veritible boatload!!

    Manne, you can have your weather back now! :P
  • Just an update we just got about 30cm of snow last night wooohooo
  • Around 32 inches.
  • Are you talking about recently cause here in Wisconsin we haven't had any in months.