help cant get ps3 on internet
  • ive been trying for a few days to get my ps3 to work online but i kept getting a message at the end when it tested the connection saying ip address timed out so i tried to manually get the ip address, ive got tht, but it wont let me finish unless i fill in all 5 field:
    ip address
    subnet mask
    default router
    primary DNS
    secondary DNS
    all of them have space for 4 numbers after any1 know wht numbers im supposed to put in thr or whr i can find them?????????:confused:
  • You'll find these numbers in your router's settings. Now, IP address is the IP address of the PS3- if you are making this whatever address your PC is this will cause some conflict problems.

    The router IP is the address you need to type in to get to its settings. Subnet mask is normally and your DNS servers are dependent on your internet provider so you will need to look in the router for those.