Original Sony Playstation 1 "Please insert CD Rom" Error!
  • My Sony Playstation is giving me problems!

    I keep getting a "Please insert CD Rom" error whenever I try to play a game...I tried playing two games now (Monopoly and Test Drive Le Mans)...
    both don't want to work! I cleaned the lens, lubed the gears, lubed the inside rail that the gears sit on....nothing! CD's play fine great tunes! but I can't play a simple game....Please advise!:confused:
  • The games are not imported i am guessing? Also, what sort of condition are the discs in? If they are scratched up enough this would make the system not able to read them.
  • Just got some new games...Spiderman and Spiderman 2!
    Final Fantasy IX also!
    Games seem to work fine I guess my first two are headed for the trash heep!
    Thanks for the quick reply Lyndon!... from your friendly neighborhood SpiderMAN!!!