• Have u ever found yourself buying old 10 dollar Psone games versus the new enhanced PS2 games?? well i do. Today i bought Wild arms a, so far, very good Rpg. So its pixelated its still good. i also bought brave fencer mushashi which im almost done with. And vanguard bandits. By the great working desighns. So anyway do u buy the oldies or the newies. And what do u think of my game selection??
  • And where would you get an idea such as Working Designs being great? heh, heh. As it's been said in the past and will be said many times in the future, if madhtr says it then it must be true. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete(remake of the Sega Saturn game), Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Star Ocean: 2nd Story, Tobal No. 1, Brave Fencer Mushashi-den, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, and some others that slip my mind are some of my favorite games available for the PSX with CT and Tobal purchased after i got my PS2 so graphics isn't always everything. I would say that i go for story first and then for fun and then i'll take a peek at the graphics and tell you what they're like. One thing i can't do though, play the older FF titles as i just can't get engrossed in a story about dots moving around the screen. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I find myself playing all my TR games over and over again. Also Hot Shots Golf 1 and 2 have immense replay value as far as I'm concerned. Don't ever give up on PS1 titles, that's how we got where we are now. :)
  • I love to play Soul Blade for PS1. One of the best fighting games ever made in my opinion. I have no problems playing quality PS1 games on my PS2. :lol:
  • Although this isn't PS2 v. PS1 I have bought games for super nintendo recently instead of buying the better PS games.

    Prime Example would be Donkey Kong 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
  • Oh, hell yeah Dagger, I didn't even know that anyone else knew about Vanguard Bandits. Thought it's kinda crapy graphics now, and it's just kinda weird, I find myself playing it over and over again. I've beaten all the story lines like twice each, that's like 6 times playing through the game, it's great. Yeah, I too find myself playing some of the older games more than I play the newer games. It's funny to think that I'll play a game that is like six years old, instead of a new PS2 game.

    Later all,
  • Just a couple of says ago I bought a sony 1 game, it is called *runs and gets the game case*Tetris Plus. It is a pretty good game. I won the arcade mode thing.(I forget what it is called)Well, I won that and it gets kind of boring after a while. I still think sony 1 games are still fun to play but ps2 games are better at allot of things. P.S. RedKennypup2004, you will be here for 1 year tomorrow. Congradulations. I hope you stay on the best site I know!
  • Coldknight, I couldn't agree more. I can't wait for the Soul Calibur release for the PS2. All my chums are Tekken fans, but give me Taki and I'll whup the sh*t out of any Tekken character. Soulblade is the best fightet in my opinion. :)
  • Yeah, I buy the RPGs mostly, Brave fencer mushai looks cool. I should get that. Bushido blade is preety good one from squaresoft.

    I got that FF chronicles and as Madhtr said. Crono trigger is awsome, but FF4 cant get into those that much graphics are just to poor.

    I still have a SNES. Got Zelda and contra 3, and I got HELLA games on computer. Most are NES, genesis, SNES, and GBA.

    Old games.... good times......good times
  • for me it really depends on what the game is, but if it was the new ff1 compared to the old ff1 i would pick the new ff1. yeah...i think you made a good decision. the only thing that changes is the graphics not the story, right? well, i hope you like the game you got! :)
  • I found a copy of Destruction Derby 2 in a double combo package (with some other game I had never heard of) and a third party memory card. I thought about it and put it back on the shelf.

    I am kicking myself now 'cause I changed my mind a few days later and it was gone. :angry: