Call Of Duty 4 internet problems w/ Clearwire
  • hi, i have owned cod4 for a little more than a year, constantly lagging all over the place, having one bar when you press select to see your internet strength, and eventually being disconnected from online matches and such. im fed up and need help.

    im pretty sure its because of my ISP (clearwire) not my router first of all because i've read various threads about people having the same problem with clearwire, and second, because i bought another router my friend said he has no problems with while playing COD4 (Netgear Rangemax N Router) but it still was as bad as my current router.

    oh btw i have the d-link dir-655 router. so yeah if there's anything, ANYTHING i can do to just stop lagging and all that other fun stuff, please let me know even if its like techy crazy stuff im sure i can do it given the proper walkthrough. thank you very much.

    on my modem i usually have 3-4 lights showing.
    from my internet connection test done on my ps3 i usually have 77-90% connection strength which seems decent to me.
  • It does sound like your ISP can't give you the bandwidth needed to give a good connection to the servers. If this is the case then the only solution may be a switch in providers.