Crash Bash Help Needed!
  • Hey Y'all!

    Im Stefan.

    Can anyone give me some help/advice on how to complete Pogo-A Gogo (or whatever its called) on Warp Room 2. I hate the pogo games and can never complete that one as the other team allways wins. Is there any cheats i could use to complete this level and go onto Warp Room 3. Or can any of you give me some advice/hints on how to complete it!

    Please Reply!


  • Yay! Finally my help is needed :lol:

    I hate that part of the game too :angry: but through hardwork and determination, I have beaten the odds!! (I may sound a bit corny don't you think?)

    I can't remember what rules are there in warp2, so I'll have explain everything! :( .................. I changed my mind, I wont explain everything, I'll give you some tips!!

    *Crates usually appears where there are least playes jumping around to it. So it is advisable if yo see an open space, make your way though it and when you're there, the crate should appear in front of you, or at least near you

    *Make use on all items you pick up, it will come in handy

    *The rockets are good because they steal your enemies color into your favor

    Thats all for today! If you still can't get what I'm saying, you're free to PM me anytime!!