cod5 waw 'game versions incompatible for online play in this mode' HELP!!!
  • Since the new update which I installed yesterday, i have been unable to play any multi-player games where I have been sent invites and the message which comes up is 'The game versions are incompatible for online play in this mode' and I don't know what to do.

    Can anyone advise please as its really annoying and my friends online think im messing with them and are getting mad at me!

    It asked if I wanted to restart my ps3 after installing and I said no so played on after and no problems and yet today, having switched it on im getting this problem! i don't want to do anything which will result in losing my trophies as there is only 1 haven't got yet on waw and don't want to create a new account as am on 9th prestige level 21 atm.

    Please help!!!!!
  • If you were going to lose trophies they would have lost when you shut down- they are still on your account so you won't lose anything.

    Go into the game data and uninstall the COD files then let the game re-install, after which re-do the update and let it restart this time.